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Taunus Carré
Friedrichsdorf | 2013
Previous Milupa-plant compound area | New building of a shopping mall
The center of the city of Friedrichsdorf in Taunus was dominated for a long time by the compound area of the Milupa plant. The area with previous laboratory and production sites has been staying empty for some time and it is planned to become an integral part of the city of Friedrichsdorf through the planning of construction of a shopping center and of residential buildings. The Square divides the quarter in an area with construction of residential buildings, which shall stretch along the railway lines and a shopping center, which shall enclose the square in the Southern and Eastern direction. The square offers a public area, which shall become a dominating point of the quarters and shall be an identification point for the city of Friedrichsdorf. Concept of retail trade: The shopping center shall be characterised by a glass passage and retail trade construction main parts, which shall form the one- to two-floor main building volume. In the center of the shopping center there is a construction main part, which shall be embodied in the passage and shall create an entrance way to the Square with the colonnade. The main construction parts shall be formed with projecting and retracting wings, partially with two floors and a corresponding division to the surrounding area, with which the large volumes appear smaller and fits together into the whole construction.

Visuals: © npstv

Client: Ten Brinke Projektentwicklung GmbH
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