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Oval Office
Hamburg | 2004
"Oval Shape" | New office building
The predominant solitaire character of a simple structure forms the project which is an urban "gateway"-building within the City-Nord ensemble. While being the initial step towards a revitalization of the City Nord, the new building has an up-to-date and concise form which will become an attractive address for future tenants. The 5-storey high building is shaped like a double comb, connected on the perimeter by an oval ring, and shows that the office structures can be used flexibly and also commercially. At the same time it offers various possibilities through the construction of the central, seven-storey high oval, to be used for special purposes. Around the 7 separately designed courtyards, there are about 26,000 sqm of total square meterage. The access will be via the central and spacious approach road at the Kapstadtring. A post and bar construction, which is staggered on the different storeys, puts an emphasis on the simplicity and the dominatingly large size of the building and creates light work areas. There are 295 parking spaces in the underground car park.

Photo: © Anke Müllerklein

Client: Oval Office Gesells. f. B. mbH
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