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Master Plan European embankment
St. Petersburg | 2009
1th price in the competition, master plan, part of implementation of a new city quarter
Architects community: Evgeny Gerasimov EGP, Sergei Tchoban nps tchoban voss

The competition “Project European Embankment” on St. Petersburg's northern Neva banks covers the master plan for a former industrial area in the historic city district of Petrograd. It was held by the VTB Bank and the Government of St. Petersburg and has been decided on March 10th 2009 in favor of the master plan proposal of Sergei Tchoban, nps tchoban voss Berlin and Evgniy Gerasimov, EGP Gerasimov and Partner, St. Petersburg. The master plan represents the basis of all future developments on the site. Subsequently a selection of highly respectable international architects will now be invited to make further detailed proposals for each of the plan segments providing space for office use, retail, hotel, residences and entertainment, beginning with the theater palace. This new building will house all facilities for the performances of the company of the famous ballet dancer and Russian dancing star Boris Eifman. The architectural shape and figure can be freely chosen, only preassigned requirements are the building's position and height.

Renderings: EGP, npstv

Client: OOO Peterburg City
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