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UCI Kino im Othmarschen Park
Hamburg | 1999
"Halls in Jelly" |
The UCI cinema complex in Behringstrasse is the start of the building development Othmarschen Park. The multiplex cinema has got 9 cinema halls equipped with the latest film and audio engineering which offer space to 2,700 visitors. A three storey high glass foyer with escalators and a glass elevator offers a convenient access up to the 2nd floor. Various restaurants and shops are located on the ground and first floor of the center. There is also a 40 lane bowling center in the basement. The appearance of the house is influenced by the apparently "floating" silver cubes which are set in a three-sided, filigree glass shell. The effective usage of spectral colors increase the attraction of the cinema complex at night.

Fotos: © npstv

Client: B. Garbe und Hypo Real München
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