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Three-field sports hall by Nierspark
Geldern | 2016
“Sports under the lantern”
The planned building measure is for a new three-field sports hall building with spectator stand by Nierspark in Geldern for the Kreis Kleve vocational college.
The sports hall will lie between the vocational college and the district archives Kreisarchiv (both nps tchoban voss building projects as well) and form the design and functional conclusion to the school grounds. The main entrance to the building will be aligned towards the road Am Nierspark. Users can access public roads from the school carpark on the railway side. The look will be characterised by a stone plinth supporting a translucent cube, the “Lantern”.
The building will present itself on an eye to eye level in a rather closed manner with individual windows that form the link from the interior to the outside. . The “glowing lantern” will project the hall as seen from afar and also bathe the hall in dazzle free lighting. The plinth will be a solid structure of reinforced concrete or lime sandstone and lined with facing masonry. The lantern is planned as a prefabricated structure of reinforced concrete or wood with transparent or translucent cladding of profiled building glass over large areas. Mechanical roof windows are planned to desmoke the hall. The building will be divided into three main zones. The hall will form the centre of the building and can be divided into three independent sections (single-field hall) with mobile partitions secured to the ceiling.

Renderings: © npstv

Client: District of Kleve
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