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Berlin | 2016
The former cloth factory „Tuchfabrik“ in Berlin, consisting of two volumes for offices and production, appears now in a fresh attractive look: For the design of the new punctuated facade, which replaced the old plastered fronts, the architects used digital printed panels with patterns of yarn bundles as a reminiscence of the original building's use. Tightly interwoven threads are shimmering in different colours on the grey-black background like an oversized tribute to the history of the place. The particularity of the solution lies in the application of light aluminium sandwich panels. The printing motives on each of the 440 sheets are unique – thus every panel has its own ID as well as its own allocation.

Client: FOD Immobilien GmbH

WAF Award 2017 | Shortlist Best Use of Colour Prize 
Iconic Awards 2017 | Winner
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