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Housing area Finkenstraße
Hamburg | 2015
"dwell in Hamburg-Altona" | New construction of 22 residential units
The two existing buildings located in the Altona section of Hamburg are no longer sound and are to be replaced with a new luxury development. The mission is to create a distinctive residential complex offering sophisticated apartment living at one of the city's historical gateways. The proposed development features a 7-storey building with up to 7 different apartment types ranging in size from 60 sqm to 95 sqm. The layouts offer great livability and are compatible with a variety of modern arrangements. The interior quality of the apartment layouts is further enhanced by the use of premium materials such as hardwood floors, the application of floor-to-ceiling windows, and the open-plan possibilities. All of the apartments feature balconies, loggias, or winter gardens, thus offering a flowing visual and experiential connection to the building's exterior spaces and to the neighboring park. The facades, a mix of brick in the red-ochre spectrum and clean white stucco, establish a positive contemporary urban identity while integrating well with the rest of the neighborhood.

Photos: Axel Neubauer, npstv
Visual: © npstv

Client: SAGA
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