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Isestraße 1
Hamburg | 2004
"Location and Development" | residential and business building
The new residential and business building is located in the Eimsbüttel district at the corner of Grindelberg and Isestrasse. The Isebek channel runs along the rear of the property. 20 new and up-to-date apartments will be built within the scope of this building project. Shops and other businesses are planned for the ground floor. Necessary parking spaces are located in the underground car park. The development takes place via Isestrasse. "Design of Construction Work": The new building takes on the image of the Isestrasse, as far as the height and the design of the façade is concerned, with its large windows and light colors. The construction of multi storey buildings of early times are herewith continued. The stairwell with the special entrance area forms a caesura to the extensive building corpus at the Grindelberg. A set-back storey with a maisonette emphasizes the corner location.

Photos: Anke Müllerklein

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