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Living at the Buekweg
Hamburg | 2011
Construction of 40 flats
The project is located in the Hamburg district Ohlsdorf, surrounded by the streets Rübenkamp, Buekweg and Carpserweg. The component A has 3 full floors and a penthouse level, the component B (a house) has 3 full floors. The 40 cooperative apartments divided into 20 apartments with 1,5, 2 and 2,5 rooms and 20 family-friendly apartments with 3 bedrooms. All 12 apartments in Building 3 (part B) are accessible as apartments for the elderly performed in accordance with DIN 18025 Part 2. The buildings are fully built and connected to the intermediate garage. Here are technical rooms, Mieterabstellräume, drying rooms and bicycle storage located. The additions to the houses 1 and 2(Part A) are located on the east side of the building and the garden to reach the courtyard of Rübenkamp and the Buekweg out. Access to the house 3 (component B) is accessible directly from the Carpserweg.

Photos: © Axel Neubauer, npstv

Client: ADSG
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