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Residential complex „Five Stars“
St. Petersburg | 2016
The development of the new residential complex „Five stars“ in St. Petersburg is taking place just a few steps away from the Seasons Ensemble. The architects continue the tradition of using colourful plaster in the northern metropolis which arose due to its long and dark winters. Each facade is clad in aluminium panels designed in different colours and showing elaborate patterns – as if an imaginary cut through onyx exposed the stone's inside in shimmering green, ochre or yellow. The variable floor plans allow residents a fusion of two and more apartments. Sport facilities, playgrounds and recreational areas are implemented in the landscape design as well as green areas. Especially the residents of the upper storeys will enjoy the bright view over the ponds of Polyustrovo, the Neva River and the famous Smolny Institute.

Client: OOO Teorema
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