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Neue Mälzerei Friedrichshain
Berlin | 2001
Remodelling of an industrial Wilhelminian-style building into loft offices

This former malthouse, part of the protected brewery ensemble in Berlin's Friedrichshain also known as the “Bohemian Brewery”, was developed into a modern commercial and service centre with a loft feel. Conference facilities, software developers and a courier service are spread over the seven office floors along with commercial enterprises – gastronomy, gallery space and artists' studios – as well as a gym on the ground floor. Finely decorated period interior wall surfaces complement exposed brick walls to highlight the charm of 19th century industrial architecture. Along with the renovation of the façade, the window apertures were carefully enlarged to increase illumination of the relatively deep structure.

Photos: © Julia Jungfer

Client: Grundstücksgesellschaft Friedenstr. mbH & Co.
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