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Urban development Berliner Tor
Hamburg | 2003
"New urban quarter"
An extension building of the Hamburg University of Applied Science, a Court of Justice, a hotel as well as a student hostel were built within the scope of complex construction measures on a plot of land in Hamburg St. Georg (at the corner of Lübeckertordamm / Berliner Tor).
Urban development concept: All the four buildings form an urban developmental ensemble, which is located around the newly developed city square. The construction concept of the block, which is a combination from high rise buildings and seven-storey high buildings, has been continued down to the Lübeckertordamm. The facades are variantly made from glass and brick. The buildings are designed as clear-cut cubes, which differ in various building details, e.g. jutting out heads, inclined entrances and canopies.

Urban design + façade: Coop Himmelb (l) au / Photos: © Anke Müllerklein

Client: HPE / LIP GmbH
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