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e·plus Administration
Düsseldorf | 2009
New office building, administration with data centre and car park, 1st prize in a competition, general planning

The new headquarters at the former Kaufring-Areal presents itself as a hybrid construction, consisting of a meander-shaped administration wing put on a one-floor-basis and a multi-storey car park. Its design offers maximum PR-effective appearance to the adjacent highway. Also the building can perfectly be recognized from above. The interaction of the meander with the glass skywalks towards the highway provides excellent noise protection for the offices as well as an ideal interior development ensuring short ways with very good daylight supply. Using colored glass panels all over the outer surface the façade design creates a homogeneous appearance of the building actually consisting of different single constructions. An irregular coloring by different shades of grey breaks the contours like a masked pattern, fuses basement and meander, puts emphasis to the floating trait of the façade and enables the incorporation of the multi-storey car deck. The material program for all visible interior surfaces is being complemented by extensive application of wood in order to create a homelike atmosphere. It is being used in the gluelam trusses. The yard areas in the office wing being enclosed from all sides or from three sides are designed differently and offer various eye-catchers.

Photos: © Claus Graubner, Uwe Spoering

Client: Bauwert Portfolio eta GmbH
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