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Lehrter Straße
Berlin | 2018
This new construction project of 23 residential buildings is situated only a few steps from the main railway station in Berlin in the midst of a large-sized urban development area around the Lehrter Straße. Eight architectural firms were involved in the planning of this almost 38,000 square meter site as part of an urban development workshop.

Within the acute-angled building arrangement, which is oriented in the north-south axis, four residential buildings with six to eight storeys are joined at right angles to each other. While the colour palette of the facades facing the streets is dominated by stronger tones such as terracotta and yellow, the houses facing the inner courtyard show a combination of white and light grey. This serene appearance harmonizes all the better with the greenery and play areas in the courtyard.

As a continuous design, the window pockets were worked out: Whether in dark anthracite, with fine profiles, as differently coloured surfaces or with a barely perceptible edge - they enliven the building facades in an unobtrusive way. All apartments are equipped with large-sized balconies providing the future residents a possibility to relax in a green surrounding without leaving their homes.

All building entrances are barrier-free.

Client: Groth Gruppe
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