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Kühne Gelände Lübeck Schlutup
Lübeck / Schlutup | 2005
"Interplay" | Competition 1. Price
This construction area is characterized by its exposed hillside situation with a difference in height of up to 9 m. The view over the historical town center, the Mühlen pond and the Baltic Sea form this area into a versatile waterfront location. It is externally developed by the existing road network and has OPNV connections. It can be internally developed by a network of small roads, staircases and green areas. Parking spaces along the residential area or optionally in car parks can deal with the parking situation when at home.
Planning area: about 11,196 sqm
Residential units: 54; Site occupancy index: 0.39; Floor-space index: 0.77

Client: Karl Kühne KG
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