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House on the Sea on Krestovsky Island
St. Petersburg | 2009
Apartment hotel and residence complex, Martinov-Shore. Planning association Evgeny Gerasimov & partners, St. Petersburg und Sergei Tchoban, nps tchoban voss

The complex is located in the northern downtown area of St. Petersburg, directly on the waterfront and adjacent to a park. The ensemble is organized of twelve separate buildings, connected through a common ground floor. The s-shaped composition opens itself to the water and creates two distinct exterior spaces. The first space is the main promenade with pools and fountains. The second space is a quiet, seemingly enclosed, green space with recreation areas and walking paths. Through panoramic views, the sea becomes an integrated part of the environment. The building with 4-6 levels contains about 160 condos and apartments, from the second floor up. The ground floor contains parking and mechanical rooms. The SPA-area and additional indoor recreational areas, as well as a bar and a gallery are available for the residents leisure, thus fulfilling the high standards of natural, health conscious living. The façade of the complex unites contemporary design elements with the historical architectural language of St. Petersburg. The materials reflect quality and solidity. The balanced alteration between the glass and the Portuguese limestone slabs, which were grinded, embossed or molded creates a rich, yet subtle plasticity of the façade.

Photos: © Roland Halbe, Aleksey Naroditsky

Client: OJSC Construction Corporation Renaissance of St. Petersburg

16. Zodchestvo Festival 2008 - Ru. Architektenverband | Goldenes Diplom 
12. Zodchestvo Festival 2004 - Ru. Architektenverband  | Silbernes Diplom 
Grand Prix von St. Petersburg 2003 | Auszeichnung
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