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“Before embarking on a new construction project, we always approach the specific urban situation as something unique and valuable in itself. This is what produces unique architectural solutions. The surrounding urban context guides us to the best possible result, which may be contrasting or discreet, massive or light and delicate. It is important for us to design our buildings in their entirety, down to the door handles, since only an interaction of exterior and inner structure, of details and the whole can make a building or a group of buildings a credible and characterful part of its surroundings. In a world which is becoming increasingly transient it is only enduring architecture which can meet the ever-changing requirements. Architecture which is valuable, aesthetic, and user-friendly can age gracefully and contribute to an authentic and livable environment.
To this end, we place great importance on innovative and precise solutions at each step of the planning and construction process.”
Sergei Tchoban, Ekkehard Voss
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