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Süderfeld Park
Hamburg-Lokstedt | 2017
"Masses of green - in the centre of the city" |
Directly bordering Eppendorf, close to the UKE , a district is being integrated into the established structure of Lokstedt, which unites central living with a rural view: The Süderfeld Park district development covers an area of 4.6 hectares - and includes around 9000 square metres of park as well as almost 380 rental units, ranging from generously sized family apartments to 1-room flats. nps tchoban voss are planning 3 of the 10 construction sites in total – amounting to around 130 apartments with approx. 10,500 m² living space and around 125 underground parking spaces. In Süderfeld Park in Lokstedt there will be room for green city living in the middle of Hamburg. For all those who love urban life, so don't want to move away from it. For all those who still like to be outside. Here, neighbours can become communities. The public park, lots of green spaces and the individually, idyllically designed interior courtyards offer the best prerequisites for this.
The existing number of trees will remain to the greatest possible extent. Süderfeld Park has the right rental apartment for everyone - from disabled access to family friendly - and on top of that there is also a childcare facility. Every generation should be able to call this home. The spatial basis for this comes from well thought-out floor plans with clever details, full-length windows for lots of light, spacious balconies and luxurious furnishings for maximum comfort. Communal heating, integrated car sharing, waste separation, green roofs and city bikes intelligently combine environmental protection with comfort. | visualization: © npstv

Client: J.H. Burmeister GmbH & Co. KG
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