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Kronprinzengärten – Townhouses
Berlin | 2016
Coordination master planning for a new urban quarter, realization of 4 buildings and underground parking

On the northern grounds of Berlin’s Friedrichswerder isle a noble neighborhood sprouts around the famous Schinkel church. Located between Oberwallstraße and church and taking on the historic street pattern by re-implementing the small alley of Falkoniergasse, the area is currently furnished with 6-storey mansions with commercial use on the street levels and residences on the upper floors and penthouse level. Car parking is offered in a garage under the entire property. Following the idea of the Townhouse the western buildings on Oberwallstrasse are designed for individual users. In contrast, the eastern buildings on Falkoniergasse each contain two spacious triplex apartments and a single apartment on third floor. The vertically and horizontally structured façades of the mansions are clad with natural stone or brick and receive modern insulation according to the newest standards (EnEV 2009). Exquisite materials in combination with first-class craftworks, graduations and individual ornamentation – and lend these first-class homes a high-quality and yet urban appearance.

Rendering: © Pure, npstv

Client: Bauwert Investment Group
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